Eastland Cylinder Vase/Candle Holder Set of 3 (3 Sizes)

Our elegant, crystal clear Eastland Cylinder Vases make a dramatic presentation in any home or event space. With their simplicity and clean clear quality glass, these vases are a dramatic way to display any arrangement. With three sizes that add levels and dimension to your table, this set is perfect for any occasion or setting. This set includes (1) of each size vase - That's a total of 3 top quality cylinder vases for one low price! 

Quick candles recommends using these versatile vases with our Richland 3” Floating Candles, Richland 3” Pillar Candles, or your favorite flowers! 

Included in this set:

  • (1) 85mm x 190mm / 3.25 inch x 7.5 inch Cylinder Vases
  • (1) 85mm x 228mm / 3.25 inch x 9.0 inch Cylinder Vases
  • (1) 85mm x 267mm / 3.25 inch x 10.5 inch Cylinder Vases

Candles Not Included.  

Slightly tapered on the inside. Also offered in larger sets - perfect for weddings and corporate events!