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About Us



To offer the highest quality candles, glassware, and event décor. Combine it with Guaranteed Same Day Shipping and Guaranteed Low Prices for the ultimate buying experience.



We exist because of you. We are here to offer you a superb experience. At Quick Candles, you will find the rare combination of high quality products, personal service, and a low, low price. Sounds too good to be true but we know that's what you want and we deliver. Whether it's decor for your home, wedding, party, or other special occasion. Let us SERVE YOU!



We sell the highest quality products available. Our products are higher quality than can be found in a typical retail store. We care deeply about your satisfaction and want to build a life time relationship. That starts with delivering the highest quality products. The majority of the products we sell are Made in the USA. We believe American made goods are the best quality products available. Try to go into a big box store and find candles or glassware that is Made in the USA. We are so confident of the quality of our products we back every item with a 100 % Satisfaction Guarantee. That means within a full calendar year of the purchase date, for any reason, you can return unused items  for a full refund. That's QUALITY!



Our products are inexpensive (not cheap!). While we sell the highest quality products, we price them very low. The most common comment we get from customers is our products are WAY higher quality than they expected because our pricing is so low. While our prices are lower than the Big Box stores, the quality of our items is department store quality. That's VALUE!



We care deeply about providing you the best retail service of your life! Try us, we dare you! First, service begins with live human beings. While we sell online, we have a live, friendly service team available for you. You can call, chat, or email with our team. They understand how important your order is and will bend over backwards to make you satisfied. Second, we ship orders the SAME DAY they are received. Once you buy it, we know you want it delivered Quickly. Last, we back every item with a 100 % Satisfaction Guarantee. That means within a full calendar year of the purchase date, for any reason, you can return unused item for a full refund. That's SERVICE!



Quick means quick to ship, quick to deliver, quick to help out. Call us and we answer on the first ring. Call us and we answer with a live person right away. Order and we ship it right away. Return it and we issue a refund as soon as it comes back. That's QUICK!


At Quick Candles, our Team works for you. Every day we all come to work excited to sell the best products to the best customers. Here is how our team works for you.



We try to make the buying experience as pleasant, easy, and Quick as possible. Our website is updated daily with new products and world class photography. We publish helpful DIY articles and videos so you can achieve a professional look on a DIY budget. We have over 10,000 product reviews that help you make an informed buying decision.



Once an order is placed on our site our team springs into action. How?


  • You have the ability to write comments on each order, our staff will read those comments to make sure we address any specific concerns or needs you may have.

  • Your order will be processed by our order management in a matter of minutes. The system performs a series of quality checks and assigns each order a priority for processing.

  • Finally the order is printed and delivered to the warehouse. This entire process happens in just a few minutes. That's Quick.



    We operate three state of the art warehouses. The warehouses are designed to maximize efficiency of the employees, materials, and energy used each day. All this results in your order being shipped Quick, in many cases within 30 minutes of your order being placed on our website. How do we do this?


  • All our employees are motivated professionals. The accuracy standard for our employees is over 99.6%. To attract these great employees the company offers competitive salaries, pays 95% of employee's health benefits, and provides generous time off. We know if we take great care of our employees they will take great care of our customers.

  • Each order is picked by one employee and is checked and packed by another to make sure your order is accurate and arrives to you undamaged. In the rare case your order is damaged or not correct we will fix it for free, no questions asked.

  • Our warehouses utilize solar lighting, electric forklifts, and recycled packaging to minimize the environmental impact of our operation and help keep our costs low.




  • Your order will be delivered Quick! How quick? We can tell you exactly.

  • How many other websites guarantee a ship date and delivery date? We do!

  • Our warehouses are located in close proximity to our customers.

  • Our standard, low cost, Ground Shipping arrives to over 67% of customers in just 2 business days and 83% of customer within 3 days.

  • We guarantee every order will arrive On Time and Undamaged!




    We care deeply about providing you the best retail service of your life! First, service begins with live human beings. While we sell online, we have a live, friendly service team available for you. They understand how important your order is and will bend over backwards to make you satisfied. We have a really great team dedicated to helping you. You can call, chat, or email with our team right now. Try us, we dare you!



    The history of Quick Candles



    The story of Quick Candles started in 2003. Rob Latham was working for a well known home décor wholesale company. He had just visited the offices of two "Big Box" retailers which operated over 1,000 stores. The reality of that trip was sinking in on him. One retailer was pushing to increase their profits by requesting a lower price on products, even if that price meant poor quality imported goods. The other retailer was frustrated because they could never keep their stores stocked properly, one store would be sold out of a popular item while another just 20 miles away was overstocked on the same item. Both retailers were operating an outdated business model of buying from an wholesale company, stocking hundreds of individual stores and marking up a product 2 or 3 times over its wholesale price. As the ecommerce revolution was starting to gain traction, these business strategies seemed like a recipe for disaster (one of these retail companies went bankrupt 5 years later). Rob had a background in technology and was convinced the best way to offer customers a great product at a great price was selling online, buying direct from the best suppliers, and offering superb service. After a year and a half of planning Rob founded the LIST Company Inc. (Quick Candles parent company) in 2005.



    Armed with his experience in product sourcing and technology and a desire to service his customers, he started selling from a small warehouse operating with a single office. Rob's wife helped finance the business by going back to work full time and by offering her unwavering support of the vision. Each day brought a fresh round of struggles but slowly the business expanded and began to take shape. Like every new business there were long days, lots of red tape, and never enough customers it seemed. At the end of the first year the company had made a very small profit and was poised for success



    In 2008, Quick Candles had a breakthrough year. A critical mass of high quality products matched up with a large increase in site traffic, generating high growth. All the sales and profit gains were invested back into building the customer service teams, more warehouses, and a wider selection of high quality products. Quick Candles focused on designing unique items that are Made in the USA. Today, over 60% of the products we sell are American Made. This process continues today.





    Every day we commit to work as hard as possible to deliver excellence to our customers, our employees, and our community.

    To our Customers:


  • We commit to carrying the highest quality products.
  • We commit to offering guaranteed Quick Shipping on your order.
  • We commit to delivering your order On Time and Undamaged.
  • We commit to allowing you to be 100% satisfied, which means you can return an unused item to us, for any reason, within a full calendar year of the purchase date, and to receive a 100% refund for that product.
  • We commit to offering you personal service. If you want to order over the phone, ask questions about our products, get help with a return, whatever it is, we are here for you.

    To our Employees:


  • We commit to offering an exciting, safe, and rewarding job opportunity.
  • We commit to paying you well for a job well done.
  • We commit to offering a great plan of health benefits and paying for 95% of it.
  • We commit to offering generous time off for you to spend time with your family.

    To our Community:


  • We commit to supporting local schools, marching bands, sports teams, booster clubs, and more by sponsoring and encouraging the teamwork and discipline they teach our children.
  • We commit to funding scholarships for needy and deserving families.
  • We commit to donating to charities that provide food, clothing and shelter for those in need.
  • We do this by donating at least 8-10% of the company profits to charitable causes every year.