Eastland Unique Mercury Glass Pillar Candle Holder Set of 3

Brand new into our line of pillar candle holders this Unique Mercury Glass is sure to be a customer favorite. From the gentle curves of the glass to the fabulous iridescent mercury, your Pillar candles will be happy in their new home! The top of the holder has a dropped lip to hold the pillar candle securely in place. Mercury glass is a timeless addition to your home or event. When paired with lots of other candle light, mercury simply WOWS! 

Pairs perfectly with our 3” diameter Richland Pillar Candles!

Dimensions: 1 each - 3.75" (W-Base) 4.25" (W-Top) 6.5" (H), 3.75" (W-Base) 4.25" (W-Top) 8.5" (H), 3.75" (W-Base) 4.25" (W-Top) 11.25" (H)

Each product is handmade glass which adds to the uniqueness of each piece. Slight variations may occur with handmade products.

Candles Not Included