Richland Tealight Candles Unscented Set of 500

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Tealight Candles offer a wonderful glow contained in an easy to clean metal cup! Our Quality Tealight Candles come in a set of 500 from Quick Candles UK! They have a burning time of 5 hours. These are unscented candles made in the USA but shipped from the UK!
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Tealights candles can be used to light a room, heat a fondue, or in oil burners. Richland Made in the USA tealights are 1.3 cm H x 3.8 cm W and are set in aluminum cups. The clean burning paraffin wax (white) and 100% cotton lead free wicks allow for a 4 hour burn time. This is a standard tealight candle and for maximum safety it should be placed in a glass tealight or votive holder.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Brand Richland
Width 13mm
Height 35mm
Burn Time 5 Hours
Price £39.99